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    702 NET

    Fuel type

    Headlight aligner 702 NET in compliance with MCTC Net 2 protocol

    The new Headlight Aligner 702 Net has been designed and built to measure all types of vehicles headlights, whether equipped with classic Incandescent or Halogen lamps, such as the latest Xenon or LED.

    Thanks to its ease of use, 702 Net can be used in vehicle repair workshops of all types and is especially suitable for MOT inspection and Safety Centers.

    Moreover Headlight Aligner 702 Net is equipped with an arm (patented), that simplifies the displacement in the desired position and the exact adjustment of the alignment with the vehicle.

    The TFT 3,5 inch color Touch Screen, with 8 optical and digital sensors, shows the reading of values and intuitive messages that lead user through every execution in progress.

    Technical features
    Height adjustment from 250 mm to 1500 mm
    Lens Diameter 200 mm; focal length 48 mm (screen-lens)
    Tracking device laser pointer
    Alignment System mirror visor (optional laser line)
    Slope adjustment screen graduated (from 0% to 4%)
    Dimensions 1750x650x670
    Weight approximately 30 kg without packaging
    Power supply
    Power supply 110-240V 13,8 VDC 0,9 A ( to recharge internal battery)