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    O3 POWER

    For many years many Ministry of Health around the world have recognized that Ozone as the best natural gas for a sanitizing of environments contaminated by Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, Mites, Insects and that its sanitizing action can be applied to air, water and materials as a disinfectant. Ozone is a natural compound that can penetrate all areas inside a passenger compartment or a room where it is impossible to manually access with the application of chemical products which are often incomplete and not very effective.

    The new O3 Power devices are to be considered among the most powerful appliances in the professional range, capable of sanitizing large volumes, reaching Controlled Saturation in a short time and maintaining it only for the time necessary for decontamination, without damaging objects and accessories.

    Both Models are fully automatic and easy to use; the integrated printer, if activated, certifies with the report that the sanitization has taken place.

    A powerful RGB indicator visible from the outside signals each phase of the treatment, warning when it becomes possible to access the vehicle and / or the environment again after sanitization.

    O3 Power Mod. 3301O3 Power Mod. 3302
    Features:Suitable for cars and busesSuitable for environments up to 400 Mt3
    Supply12 VDC220 VCA
    Ozone generation capacity>7 gr/h>14 gr/h
    Controlled saturationwith Ozone sensorwith Ozone sensor
    Dimensions310/260/200 mm310/260/200 mm
    Weight3 Kg3,7 Kg
    Printer24 colums24 colums
    Data portmicro usb type bmicro usb type b
    Phases of treatmentwith RGB indicatorwith RGB indicator
    Duration of treatmentwith RGB indicatorwith RGB indicator
    Print modewith RGB indicatorwith RGB indicator