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    Jaltest OHW

    JALTEST OHW (Off-Highway). Diagnostics solution for Off-Highway vehicle.

    Construction, earthmoving, cleaning and road maintenance machinery (street sweepers)… are vehicles exposed to extreme working conditions for long work days and, consequently, they are exposed to numerous failures. Stationary engine is another type of machinery manufactured to withstand long work cycles. All these types of vehicles need a multibrand diagnostics tool which is able to repair the fault quickly and to perform continuous maintenance tasks. Jaltest OHW is the best option in the market.

    Jaltest OHW (Off-highway) is an easy to use and handling tool that can be transported to the place where the damaged machinery is to diagnose. Moreover, it combines the Diagnostics software with a large technical information database, workshop management module:

    • Automatic detection of systems and error codes
    • Real-time sensor monitoring
    • Actuation and adaptation of components
    • Maintenance data and maintenance data reset
    • Operating time and consumption of the vehicle reading
    • Components adaptation and calibration
    • System technical data (Engine, Transmission …)
    • Interactive wiring diagram
    • Troubleshooting guides by symptoms
    • Machine technical data (Engine type…)
    • Data synchronisation with data backups on the external servers
    • Task management between the garage staff members
    • Management and reporting of diagnosis, maintenance and task reports
    • Access to the history of the machinery
    Technical features
    Coverage Multibrand and multisystem coverage in Off-Highway vehicles
    Diagnosis Full diagnosis with detailed description of the error codes
    Advanced diagnostics functions Advanced diagnostics functions: Component actuations, Calibrations, Parameter settings.
    Software interface Quick, intuitive and easy to use software interface
    GRP Workshop management