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    Memorex 3 6085

    Fuel type

    From diagnosing the issue to fixing it. One Tool, a lot more opportunities

    Memorex 3 is a wireless multifunctional platform developed for the latest versions of  Windows®. It offers users a wide range of services and features that go well beyond traditional diagnostics.

    Memorex 3 offers the possibility of performing passive and active proprietary diagnostics ( DataDiag ) of engine control systems (ECU) and accessory systems (Service, ABS/ASR/ESP brakes electronics, Airbag, Air Conditioning, Gears, Suspensions, Immobilizer, etc.), along with the standard EOBD/OBDII diagnostics.

    Click on the button to browse the complete list of vehicles and systems covered by Motorscan diagnostic tools.

    Memorex 3 is fitted with our DataHelp system that employs an  interactive connection to browse a  complete archive of wiring diagrams,  maintenance instructions, adjustment  data, information about lubricants,  specific repair manuals for each model,  identification and explanation of fault Memorex 3 is fitted with our  DataHelp system that employs an interactive connection to browse a complete archive of wiring diagrams, maintenance instructions, adjustment data, information about lubricants, specific repair manuals for each model, identification and explanation of fault codes and interactive diagnosis to check the failure of the associated component, technical drawings, position of the various filters and diagnostic sockets, and much more information codes and interactive diagnosis to check the failure of the associated component, technical drawings, position of the various filters and diagnostic sockets, and much more information.

    On-demand system: Request the Cover Diagnostics for your workshop directly from the device. Over time your instrument will be suitable for the circulating park in your area; And if tomorrow your needs change, no problem! The tool changes with your needs. The best way for us to develop the diagnosis is to listen to what you need.
    Nowadays, the new diagnosis content is near the actual work done in the workshop. Demanding a diagnostic system is easy and intuitive; No call, no e-mail, no machinous procedure. A unique button that is easily recognizable on every user interface screen.

    The ultimate compatibility of our Memorex diagnosis allows you to choose the device you prefer to use the diagnostic features we offer. Extremely flexible so you can meet your needs and allow you to use the MOTORSCAN® diagnosis with what you already have in the workshop. A PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any Windows® fixed or mobile device (*) will allow you to work right away.
    Connect the Memorex 3 Diagnosis via USB or Bluetooth and download the Software from our site www.motorscan.it in the “Download” area and install it. It is practical and fast.
    (*) The trademarks mentioned belong to their respective owners, check the minimum hardware requirements for using this operating system.

    The right solution for heavy-duty operating conditions, even outdoors and with water and dust. All this without taking anything away from the diagnostics function or operating performance, which remain at the top of the industry. Using the MX-RUGTAB device even under adverse weather conditions will never be a problem. The WiFi range, Bluetooth and battery life of MX-RUGTAB complete the positive qualities of this device.

    Technical features
    Ram Memory 16 MB
    Flash Memory 128 MB
    Socket interface 1 USB 2.0 Device
    1 RS232s
    Vehicle interface DB 26 ISO 22900
    MVCI Multiplexer
    Wireless Bluetooth class1
    Memory (optional) 1 Slot microSD
    Power supply
    Power supply 12 V
    Power supply (from vehicle) 8 - 32 V
    Width 130
    Weight 0,280 Kg
    Height 33
    Depth 15

    Automechanika 2016

    The Memorex 3 is a multifunctional platform developed on the latest generations of Windows OS, able to offer to the user a wide range of services and features that are not limited to the traditional diagnostic functions.

    A platform that offers a wide range of features and services not limited to traditional diagnostics. Within reach of all users and extremely user-friendly, complete and always up-to-date. A must-have item even for the most demanding professionals.