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    TotalGas 8050

    Fuel type

    Exhaust gas analyser CO, CO corr., CO , HC, O with display and printer

    TOTALGAS 8050 represent the latest generation of Motorscan gas analyzers, known for their reliability, they achieves MCTCNet2 approval (Italian’s Directive Requirements).
    Thanks to their modularity, they can easly achieve specific approvals (where required) all over the world.(OIML class 0).

    Technical features
    Accuracy: OIML class 0 - R99 ed. 2008 where applicable 
    Zero setting automatic
    Calibration automatic (frequency according to the regulations)
    Gas flow min. 6 litres/minute
    Condense separator 1 condensate, 1 coalescent and 1plastic filters
    Condense discharge automatic and continous
    Flow check automatic and continous
    Operating voltage from 110 to 230 Vac A.S.
    Absorbed power 40 W max
    Control voltage automatic and continuous (alarm at min. or max. V)
    Leak test automatic
    Diagnosis of the functionality of carburetion Gasoline, LPG, CNG
    Measurement of the LAMBDA coefficient  
    Width 440
    Height 400
    Depth 260
    General operating conditions
    Operative temp from 5 to 40 °C
    Relative humidity < 90% without condense
    Storage temp. from -20 to +50 °C
    Atmospheric pressure from 700 to 1100 hPa
    Altitude < 2000 m
    Level of pollution 2 (EN 61010-1) 
    Portable analyzer with rechargeable battery
    Operating voltage from 13,8 V S.A (nominal)
    Absorbed power 30 W
    Internal lithium battery 3 hours autonomy